Friday, December 3, 2010

Mommy & Sons Talks

My motherhood has become more interesting when my kids are now understood about relationships. Well, guess what…

My boys were talking about girls with me. Haha…

It was 3 days ago when my 2nd son started this conversation;

Son: Mom, there are so many girls in my school wants to be my girl. You know bah like close-close like that…

HAAAA?!! What?!! I was shocked. I was shocked not because girls wanted to be his girlfriend but I never thought that my son dare to talk about this matter with me. Some children are shame to share such things with their parents. Anyway, I am glad that my son trusted me. (psst..close-close?...ekekeke)

So, there goes the conversation…

Me: So, what did you said?

Son: I said I don’t want lah…

Me: Then, what happen lah?

Son: They keep following me. Everywhere I go at school. Pening kepala saya.I don't like bah. Mana-mana pigi pun ada mau ikut.

This time I was controlling my laugh. My boys being chase by girls after he rejected them. Wow, wow, wow…he must be most wanted boy in the school! hahaha…

Me: When the school started next year, tell them that your mommy will not happy to see you to have close-close girlfriend during schooling and tell them that you are still very young and must study hard to pass our UPSR’.
Son: Huh, bah okay. Hope dorang listen.

Me: Tell me if they failed to listen.

Son: Okay.

My son then joins his two brothers playing.

As I watched my children playing, I was flashing back during my youngster. During my years, girls were more in quest of studying hard, get a good result, further studies to University and have a career before have family. I remembered I always make sure I’m getting top numbers in my class. Believe me, I’ll ensure that my name is listed on top three! Demanding am I but I’m so in-love with studying…

Oh dear, I really miss those days…

Unfortunately, things are different now. Some school children are more showing off on their parents’ wealth at school, send to school by luxury cars, expensive stuff, mobile phone and yup, have a boyfriend! From there, they learnt about clubbing, smoking, taking drugs and worst, having underage SEX!

It is horrible to see that some of these children turned to be addicted with these bad behaviors where soon it will lead them to criminal world!

Especially for school girls’, having unprotected sex means they are in the risk of getting pregnant out of wedlock, infected with genital Disease and also spreading the HIV Aids virus. Be friend with stranger is also putting these girls to be harmed such as rape, prostitution and murder.

Perhaps, we can blame for our highly advance living that contribute to social problems among our children. Perhaps, we, the parents should be blame for trusting and giving more freedom to our children…

What says you?

Back to my son story, I’m still wondering what it is in the mind of 11 years old girls about boys. Is it about Puppy Love? Ah! there are so many things running in our girls on these days...unpredictable sometimes...

I know my boy is a friendly person but his socializing is more with the family. I hope that these bright girls will understand what my son is going to tell them. Besides, they are going to sit for 2011 UPSR exam, studying comes first!

Well, we wait and see saja lah…


  1. Jd rebutan anak ko sis! caya la... jgn sampai tu girl2 yg minat sama dia bertarik rambut pulak nnt! Wahahhaha..

  2. Macam sya juga tu dulu..ahha..teda bah..sya duuulu lebih suka pigi lastik burung, naik karabau drp interested in girls. It's a different story now - the world of information at your finger tips, cell phones, internet...ect..etc..

  3. Hi Wyne Ren ha ha ha, kids start young today. And girls especially.
    Your boy is cute and good that he confides with you.
    Keep it up....but I think when 18, you won't be hearing much, ha ha.

    Blame it on TV. I never looked at girls till I was 16! But love to frighten them with leeches, snakes and iguanas.
    Have a great year, Lee.

  4. wow primary school girls nowadays have such guts already? that's really surprising.

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  5. huh? its rare when sons can talk about girlfriend close2 with mother... but iya..thank God he talked to you :)
    iya...nowadays budak2 mimang macam ko ckp.. betanding2 harta ibu bapa dorg..pdahal..bukan dorg punya pun..mintapuji ja lebih... semakin ari semakin mencabar jadi parents o kan...kadang2 saya takut juga.. bulika nda sy jadi good mother.. well, God will ba kan..