Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hey, it’s November end today!

So how was your November? 

Since the school holiday begins on middle November, I think my workload at home has slightly increased. This is because our home will be in a minutes messy once I tidy up it. So I’ll keeps doing it until I said ‘bah, kasi kotor lah this house. Nanti tu phyton berkampung di rumah kita’ Liar am I! My kids knew that I was just threatening them. Where on earth such a large snake can winding to 3rd floor apartments? Ekekeke…

My youngest boy will be celebrating his 4th birthday next week. I observed that he has become a very alert boy.

Last Saturday, we went to Centre Point Sabah. I was talking to my eldest son when our lil mini monster (we called him that..haha) pulled my hand and said ‘mommy, I want to take photo with that one…’ with his finger pointed to something.I was surprised to hear it but I gave him an agreed smile when I saw exactly what he was pointing.

So I granted his wish.. 

Such a 'big bee'....bulih-bulih saya tidak nampak. Kalau bukan hensem boy saya yang nampak..atukk! talapas sudah mau bergambar...hihihihi!

That's all for today. Have a lovely day, peeps!


  1. dimana ada big bee ni? cute boy. Ada hadiah kah utk 1st follower ko...?ahahha

  2. Hahaha...ini lah bah kan talampau kalu happening betul giveaway...

    Ini bee sana tingkat 3 Centre Point. Dari Kedai 2 ringgit baini tu bee.

  3. klu c rayyan sia nmpk tu.. ketakutan sdh tu kunun.. kena dukung nda mo kena kasi turun sdh tu... peluk kuat lg tu.. muahahha...