Monday, March 25, 2013

Mommy's Stress

Seriously, I had a very stressful day.
But the stress is not about my office work...nope, not at all.

I'm actually stress with my children.
But I'm not stress because they are naughty...nope, not at all.

I just stress and miss to be with them especially during this school holiday.
I just wish to have a quality time with my sons.
I wish to watch TV or karaoke with them.
I wish to go shopping and eat the Fish & Chip in Secret Recipe.
I wish to go movie with them. (G.I Joe!!)

...I could only wish now.

I bet you suggest me to take a leave so that I could accomplish this Mommy mission.

Unfortunately, no leave allow at the moment. I have to forget my plan to take a break during this one week school. Work demand  is the reason.

Photo credit to twinpossible

Urggh! I can't tahan this. The stress has to be stop. But how? 
Delight myself by reminding me that I'll getting bonus in this few days and salary increment next month!
Ah! Money can't buy my happiness.

Gitu lah leteren jiwa ragaku sekarang ni.

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